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Chris Smith is a professional photographer in Charleston, SC. A photographer for almost 30 years, Chris offers a superior knowledge of creating perfect images. For many years, Chris has been the official photographer of the Family Circle Cup, a professional tennis tournament held annually in Daniel Island's tennis stadium

Cross Light

Mastering control over one extra wireless off-camera light-source provides you with so many more creaative options in your arsenal.

This is particularly true when working with sunsets and direct sunlight, because you can use the sun as a second lightsource. You could use the sun as your main light source, and use your off-camera flash as a fill, kicker, or rim light. Alternatively, you might use your off-camera flash as the main light, and the sun as a fill, kicker, or rim light.

Then there are times when you want to really jazz up a photo for a REALLY cool effect! Bring in one additional off-camera flash and you’ve suddently got THREE light sources! This particular setup was for the grand finale of Jenny & Nate’s graffiti engagement session. They are a really cool couple. So I wanted this series of images to be extra dramatic.

Using two of my “triple threat” lighting rigs allowed me plenty of power to match the sun. Each is comprised of three SB-800 Speedlights, all set to the same Group…effectively acting as one light source. Here, the three flashes in Group A are my main light (camera left), and the three flashes in Group B are my kicker light (camera right), while the sunset is both my background and a rim light at the same time.

All were shot with a Nikon D4, Nikkor 70-200 VRII, SB-910 as my Master flash, and RadioPopper Px system to take all the guesswork out of triggering my remote flashes.  Oh, and yes, I’m standing in the pluff mud, each stand is in about 8″ of brackish marsh water, and it’s TOTALLY worth it to me to get this dirty or a shot.