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Adventures in Belize – Tikal

No horses, no oxen, no wheel!!! It just blows your mind to imagine the Maya civilization building such amazing structures, starting back before Jesus Christ was born, purely on back-breaking human power and ingenuity! I spent a couple days exploring the vast grounds of the ruins at Tikal, Guatemala. Sure, most tour companies do it […]

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Adventures in Belize – Fun in Flores

I had begun to doze off when his hardened hand grabbed my knee. “Oooff”, I said with a start. “You must like me?!?”.  An hour ago I had climbed into a mini-van, known as a collectivo, heading to Flores, Guatemala. A collectivo is the standard mode of travel for the locals. The driver stops to […]

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Adventures in Belize – Leaving Belize Behind

The man outside the building kept pointing to an open door. But a lady was standing just inside, wiping the perspiration from her forehead. “No” I said, shaking my head. “Bano…hombre”, pointing to myself. Words weren’t coming to me clearly. “Si” he said, encouraging me in. I timidly began walking past the heavy-set woman. Her […]

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Adventures in Belize – Cahal Pech

“When you get to the other side of the Guatemala border, don’t get suckered by the taxi drivers that swarm you and promise a safer trip to the bus stop for 10 Quetzals! It’s only a couple blocks to walk it. When you get there, jump in a minibus, also called a collectivo, heading to […]

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Adventures in Belize – Xunantunich

The Xunantunich Park Ranger tried to keep his “professional” composure. Then suddenly and sheepishly turned away, covered his mouth, and let out a guilty chuckle. The request I had made just seemed THAT preposterous! Reflecting back, I suppose it is kind of ridiculous from his point of view. Here is some silly photographer, standing in […]

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Adventures in Belize – Cave Tubing the Sibun River

Rounding the corner of the narrow trail, I practically knocked the little man over! I had just enough time before dinner to get a run in along one of the nature trails, and certainly wasn’t expecting to see another person on it. We grabbed each other to steady ourselves, as I apologized profusely. “No problem, […]

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Adventures in Belize – Into the Wild

The giant of a man could barely fit through the isle down the center of the old dilapidated American school bus. But he navigated between the bench seats, carrying his large beat up tupperware container of delights with the deft of one who had been doing so every day since he was a boy. His […]

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Adventures in Belize – Crooked Tree 2

“So is the sun going to come out tomorrow?”, I asked the elderly gentleman standing by his porch along the muddy path I was hiking to catch the 6:00 AM birding boat tour. His thick-accented, guttural, grunting response was probably the only two words he knew in the language I had addressed him in: “Yes-No”. […]

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Adventures in Belize – Crooked Tree

After much planning and anticipation, the MD-80 I connected with in Atlanta, was taxiing up to the terminal at Belize International Airport! I’ll be traveling through Belize and Guatemala for the next two weeks, following wherever my camera leads me. I’m traveling light! For a professional photographer and gear head…that’s a statement to be taken […]

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From the Archives

My recent post with some previously unpublished photos from my Florida Birding Adventure got lots of nice emails and feedback. So I thought I’d share a few more from the archives. These are as of yet un-seen images from my trip south last witner. Most are from the Viera Wetlands and Gatorland…both not far from […]

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