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Chris Smith is a professional photographer in Charleston, SC. A photographer for almost 30 years, Chris offers a superior knowledge of creating perfect images. For many years, Chris has been the official photographer of the Family Circle Cup, a professional tennis tournament held annually in Daniel Island's tennis stadium

Adventures in Belize – El Remate Guatemala

Born to an American father and a Guatemalan mother, Casey was fluent in both English and Spanish. With her high cheekbones, olive skin, and strong features, she fit right in to her role as hostess at Casa de Don David in El Remate. An oasis on the way to/from Tikal where travelers of all races and nationalities often stop, Casey’s multi-lingual and multi-ethnic background was instrumental in making all feel at home!

After 9 grueling days of constantly being on the go, I was in desperate need of a respite. The little sanctuary her parents had built in this road-side town came highly recommended by fellow travelers. So I took it easy here for a day, just photographing the wildlife in their gardens, and the locals as I wandered around the shops.

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