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Chris Smith is a professional photographer in Charleston, SC. A photographer for almost 30 years, Chris offers a superior knowledge of creating perfect images. For many years, Chris has been the official photographer of the Family Circle Cup, a professional tennis tournament held annually in Daniel Island's tennis stadium

Adobe Lightroom Map Module

Meghann & Greg are our very favorite next door neighbors! Imagine our excitement when, after dating for like a gazillion years, Greg asked Meghann to be his bride!!! 🙂

Cami and I are SO EXCITED to be a part of their wedding. Earlier this week we went out on a fantastic adventure on their boat, in search of some fun Engagement Photos for them. Starting out at Ripley Point Marina, we sped to various locations around Charleston Harbor…from Shem Creek to Sullivan’s Island…the new Arthur Ravenel Bridge to The Battery…and everywhere interesting in between.

With the recent advances in editing software and global positioning satellite technology, I’ve started using my Garmin GPS watch to create a tracklog of my favorite photo shoots. With reverse geo-encoding, Adobe Lightroom automatically populates the metadata of each photo with the exact location coordinates, and automatically fills in City, State, etc. Here’s a screen-shot of the tracklog, showing our route and where we stopped for photos.

This is fun stuff! Plus it’s an added value to our clients that not many photographers are offering yet. Ever seen an old picture of your parents and wonder where it was taken? Imagine 50 years from now when Meghann & Greg’s kids find these images buried on some old hard-drive? How cool is it that they will know exactly where each image was taken?!?

To create a tracklog (.gpx file) of your photo sessions, you don’t necessarily need a GPS watch. There are plenty of portable hand-held GPS units you can clip to your belt. (Unfortunately I always forget to bring it.) There are also apps for your smart-phone that will create a tracklog. (But they SERIOUSLY drain your phone’s battery.) And there are numerous devices, like the Nikon GP-1a, that you can plug directly into your camera. (But they are expensive, cumbersome, and get in the way). So harnessing the technology in my Garmin Forerunner 110 is the perfect solution for me. It’s always on my wrist, it has great battery life, and it’s easy to download the .gpx file into Lightroom.

Many thanks to Eric for captaining the boat as we shot. We had a BLAST on the water with Meghan & Greg! And we can’t wait to be a part of their Big Greek Wedding!!!