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Chris Smith is a professional photographer in Charleston, SC. A photographer for almost 30 years, Chris offers a superior knowledge of creating perfect images. For many years, Chris has been the official photographer of the Family Circle Cup, a professional tennis tournament held annually in Daniel Island's tennis stadium

A Little Extra Kick!

Having beautiful weather and nice natural sunlight to work with during a photo shoot is great! But to separate your work from everyone else, sometimes you need a little extra kick!

I’m always honored when other photographers, graphic designers, and artists hire me to photograph their portraits and weddings. It’s so validating and exciting to work with other creatives. Molly, the bride-to-be in this photo, is a photographer from North Carolina. We had so much fun working together!  Here are some more favorites from their Folly Beach Engagement Session.

For this scene, I could have very easily gotten a nice image with nothing but the late afternoon sunlight. But for a little extra punch (or kick, if you will) I placed my beach lighting setup behind them as a kicker light or rim light, highlighting Molly’s hair and outlining Justin’s profile.

Next time you’re out shooting, don’t just settle for nice light, add a little extra kick!

(Nikon D7100, Nikkor 24-120VR, SB-910 as Master, 3 SB-800 flashes in Group A in “triple threat” setup on Bogen Manfrotto 3333 light-stand.)